My first post

This is probably the part where I'm supposed to be creative. But, here's my thought. If I start out pretty simple, maybe a tad boring, it can only get better from here. And the largest portion of people will be reading my first post so it may entice them to come back and read a more creative entry later on. Like a good wine, I'm hoping this blog will get better with time.

So to catch everyone up on my life, here are its current events. I accepted a travel nursing position on the general pediatric floor in Greeley, CO. It will start in January so I'm getting all the details for that in place in these last weeks. I've already researched, phone called, and done anything I can possibly think of to make the right decision regarding right agency, right hospital, and right timing. Prayer is very important and has been at the forefront of these decisions. However, that doesn't mean I can idly go to most open door without seeking out all the options in front of me. My mom would say that I like to make every decision the most difficult. And if that's the case, I've went to so much research I should be able to help out any future travel nurses out their in thoughts, worries, or questions. I'll post more later about how I chose the agency, hospital, and timing. Right now what I'm working on is called a compliance checklist. Any nurse interested in pursuing this field will want to collect these documents and have them ready, hard copies and electronic formats.
  1. A W4
  2. Permanent Tax Declaration Form
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization (if offered by your agency)
  4. Driver's License
  5. Social Security card
  6. Voided Check
  7. EOE forms (given by your agency)
  8. Basic Life Support certification
  9. PALS or ACLS certification
  10. Current license for state you'll be traveling to (temporary or permanent)
  11. A physical exam within one year
  12. A negative PPD or chest x-ray
  13. An immunization record or current titers for the following: Rubeola(measles), Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B (history of series or signed declination), Varicella, and Tetanus/Diptheria (within two years, only needed if providing care to children twelve years old and younger)
  14. Drug testing (your agency may want it at a specific drug testing center, mine was Labcorp.)
  15. And then you'll need to sign forms such as a medical release form, disclosure for background check, background information sheet, background application, confidentiality aggreement, and a work experience checklist.
Now for my family and friends who have no use for the above details, I am so excited to be going to Colorado. Anyone would be welcome to come and visit! The Denver church is about an hour away if you'd like to come on a weekend. And I'll have a couple beds open where I'll be if you need a place to stay.
Next week will be my last to enjoy the comfort of my hometown and my most beautiful niece, before about six months. After the three months in Colorado, I have plans to go to Japan and help with tsunami relief, attend language school, and look into how I can be used.
About the title of my blog, I've been looking for a folding bicycle recently. It seemed to best suit this quickly moving lifestyle. A good friend of mine gave me a test drive of his Dahon Boardwalk. It seemed like a great, economical option. (I've also been researching those a lot recently so any questions there, I'll be happy to help. Or I'll send you over to my good friend who knows much more than I do) So after hours of internet, amazon, and ebay hunting, I looked on craigslist. About two weeks later and half a dozen rechecks of craigslist I came across a set of two dark green boardwalks in perfect condition living about 30 minutes from where I'll be in Colorado. So I became super excited and sent in my holding fee. So I'll be picking them up right before I start my new job. And yes, you did read correctly. I said a set, meaning two, of these bikes. The price was amazing and this way I won't totally feel like a loner if I have a friend come visit who wants to take a ride with me. For the most part though, it will just be me riding one green bicycle through all these changes. And may God guide it towards him and His will. I'll check back in later. Thanks all for reading my first post ever!
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