Last Day

Have you ever had to turn in a resignation letter? I have great managers and coworkers who always want the best for me and my future. However, I still felt nervous thinking of how they would respond. Of course, they were great about it. My last day will be Sunday, Christmas Day. What a merry day to end a wonderful season.

So while writing my resignation, I thought the proper thing to do was to give them two weeks notice. That seems fair and standard. But how to put it in a clear letter while being kind and communicating the great learning experience I have had here, that was the question. So I went to town researching and more researching. I found a couple fair options at, searching under 'resignation letter'. The consensus seemed to be a very short, like almost sadly short letter. I remember one letter that literally looked like this.
Dear Manager...,
My last day will be blah blah blah. Thanks for this work experience.
blah blah blah

Now that is just plain sad. I don't care how poor of an experience they had. I think that's disrespectful. But, maybe that's just my perspective after having such good employers. So mine went something like this.
Dear Manager...,
Thanks for all the ways you've contributed to my growth in nursing. As we've previously discussed, I've be looking more into travel nursing. I just found a perfect position at a hospital in Colorado that seems to be a good transition from Riley, utilizing hourly rounding, bedside reporting, and even Cerner computer charting. My last day will be December 25, 2011. I look forward to working with you until then and if there's anything I can do to help in these last days, please let me know.
That was pretty much the bulk of it. It wasn't crazy long but it had sincerity behind it. Have you ever had any issues with the resignation phase?

A fun fact: I e-mailed my resignation letter before I had accepted an offer yet :) Thankfully I had two firm offers pending in Colorado which helped boost my confidence. And a very supportive family. These two things were key through the process.

And to all my coworkers reading this, it has been a pleasure. For over two years now it has been an honor for me to learn from you and work with you. I wish I could see all of you before I leave but apart from the people working Christmas day, this is my goodbye. Thanks everyone and I'd love to see you again, be it out and about in Indy or coming to visit in Colorado! Have a very merry Christmas remembering who it is all for. And I look forward to seeing updates by facebook too, so keep those pictures coming!