Inspiration: A fitting song for hard times

Last night my family and I heard this song and it caught my ear. It represents, with less drama, of course, a stage of my life. I've been going through the stage of simplifying. Getting rid of all the extra clothes in my closet. Pairing down and organizing all my stuff in the attic. Working toward the goal of living completely out of my car, while still seeing the basics I need to take when traveling by plane. Yesterday my family started talking about all the safety issues I should think about and plan for: not stopping my car for things like an infant seat by the side of the road, preparing to react if eggs are thrown toward my windshield, knowing the safety number to call if an unmarked police car turns on his lights behind me when I'm out in the middle of nowhere. My mind hates to think like that. All the what if's can be consuming. But logically I need to prepare for that worst-case scenario. And if it happens, to not be surprised but to have a battle plan in the very worst of possibilities, no matter how terrible. And that is embodied in this song.

This song poetically describes life battles and epic changes within the window of time. Here are the lyrics: ............................................

Home is behind The world ahead And there are many paths to tread Through shadow, to the edge of night Until the stars are all alight Mist and Shadow Cloud and Shade All shall fade All shall fade


The song is so beautiful, I don't want to take away its beauty by my word fumblings. However, I wanted to try to communicate how it helped me think of my life in God's big picture. And in that, it spurred me on to what I'm doing with my future thus far.

Last year, I was reading several authors I found at the Passion 2011 conference: Francis Chan, Gabe Lyon, Louis Giglio, and Andy Stanley. An interesting idea was to think of your life in God's picture. Instead of asking myself, "What do I want to do with my future?" A better question is, "What is God's story? How has He been affecting my family for generations? And what has he been training me for already?" As the song states, we still have many paths to tread. But it's a beautiful thought to think I don't have to start from scratch. God has been leading and training before I was ever asked. So I like to ask myself, "What should I do now to continue to springboard off of what God has done and continues to do in my life?" And by answering that question, leads me to seek out learning more Japanese, traveling, and (through the strength's finder 2.0 book) use the more natural God-given talents, which I can go into more detail in a later post.

I hope you enjoyed the song. May it be a moment of reflection or instillation of peace in several of you for your paths ahead...through shadow, to the edge of night.

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