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The name

One Green Bicycle. What’s the story behind it?

The blog was started in 2009. I was a pulmonary pediatric nurse at a Children’s Hospital in Indiana. I had connections in Japan of friends I liked to keep in contact with. That’s when I heard of the tsunami and radiation spill in the Sendai region. I had visited Japan before but wondered how I could help, if I could help, and could my nursing degree help? Even if I could use my nursing overseas would I be competent?

After connecting with friends and keeping up with news I found a plethora of other ways I could encourage and support them during the crisis from a distance. But it sparked a question in me. Would I be ready to use my nursing overseas?

With that thought in my head I set on the course to “find my edges” and challenge my nursing skills by getting outside of my comfort zone. I started travel nursing within the pediatric realm as that was my experience. Colorado-twice. Florida. Wisconsin. I met so many wonderful fellow travel nurses and learned so much along the way. I started traveling to Japan in my time between contracts.

And what was with me through it all encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and explore? My one green bicycle. A folding hunter green Dahon was my guide through it all. Although once I took it through the airport to Japan I realized quickly it would be much simpler to borrow a friends’ orange bicycle while I’m overseas.

A few years later on I stopped travel nursing so I could actually see and experience my family back in Indiana. And I continued with my regular trips to Japan. So my folding bicycle was no longer necessary and I traded it in for a more sturdy orange version.

It’s not just nostalgia that I love about keeping this website name. It’s also what a bicycle embodies to me. A reminder of all my questions and experiences is only part of it. I also remember a slower pace of life that happens naturally when exploring an area by bike. Enticing me to travel the trails, roads, sidewalks, and areas that you want to explore. Seeing a large body of water automatically sends an urge to jump straight in!

So my blog posts and intentional travel moments are dedicated to the following.


How will you explore this life?

What are you pursuing?

Can you find beauty every day in the boring moments as well as the extraordinary?

How does intentional faith in Jesus root my body and soul?

Will I let circumstances and google analytics control my views of this website’s worth?

How can I pass to others what I love, what I learn, how I messed up, and what I wish for?